Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 GPK Adam-Geddon Apocalypse #11a/b: Mad Mike & War and Warren

Representing one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is Mad Mike and War and Warren in this 24-card subset of 2017 GPK Series 1 (Adam-Geddon).  

You might remember this guy from 1985 GPK Original Series 1 as Mad Mike & Savage Stuart.  Since I don't yet have the actual '85 cards, here's a couple of nice 2013 Chrome reprints.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

2013 GPK Brand-New Series 2 Puzzles

Here are all 9 of the puzzles in Brand-New Series 2.

#56a/b: Mel Tin & Marsh Marlow

#70a/b: Blown-up Bruce & Smashing Stan

#115a/b: Duster Dorothy & Taylor Twister

#110a/b: Doug Plug & Trey Spray

#71a/b: Frida Spirit & Tie Dyna

#64a/b: Sleep Les & Insomiac Zack

#98a/b: Firey Francis & Reptilian Killian

#128a/b: Adam Bomb & Protestin' Preston

#110a/b: Abduct Jed & Take Ken

2013 Garbage Pail Kids All-New Series 2: Mail Delivery Standards

Among the packages in my mailbox yesterday, was a completed set of GPK BNS2.  The 146-card set came in a yellow bubble-wrap envelope.  When I opened it, there were two stacks of probably half the set (@73 cards) sealed in a large team set type of sleeve floating loosely in the bubblewrap.  I found a few of the corners dinged, most likely through shipping, and cringed.  Having recently picked back up the GPK hobby after a long hiatus, I've purchased many sets and lots trying to catch up on missed releases since leaving the hobby after 1987.

What I've noticed through these purchases is that many GPK sellers/traders seem to have substandard packaging and shipping standards.  I've been getting a lot of singles sent loosely in envelopes and sets sent loosely in bubble wrap.  One set arrived in ziplock bags.  Having bought and sold baseball cards on Ebay for a number of years, I've become accustomed to carefully wrapped packages and envelopes for my cards.  I usually consider leaving neutral, or even negative feedback for such carelessness, but this problem appears to be an epidemic within the GPK community.

"Anyhow", I like these BNS sets that came out in 2012-2013 through 3 different series.  For some reason, Topps decided that they didn't want to continue with the All-New Series concept that last through 7 releases between 2003-2007.  After 3 Flashback Series releases between 2010-2011, Topps started another theme they called the Brand-New Series.  Like the Original Series releases between 1985-1988, Topps began using a continuous numbering method from each series to the next.  BNS2 picks up numbering where BNS1 left off with #56a/b, and ends with #128a/b, where BNS3 picks up.  The All-New Series renumbered each of the 7 releases beginning with card #1a/b.  I don't know that one method is better than the other, but the concept is significant enough to point out.

What I like about the Brand-New Series is that it re-introduces characters from the Original Series and shows what they look like now.  Other series have done this as well, but BNS had their own style of doing it.  I've shown 5 pages from my BNS2 set below depicting 45 of the 146 cards from this set.  BNS2 was the largest GPK release to date (unless you count the 3 Flashback sets of 160 cards), and the set size of BNS2 would not be matched again until 2015 Series 2: 30th Anniversary, consisting of 220 cards.  Also, the BNS sets are much more affordable than the ANS sets.

Friday, March 17, 2017

2012 GPK Brand-New Series 1 Puzzles

Brand-New Series 1 (BNS1) had 8 puzzles consisting of 72 total cards from the 110-card set.  I have shown the 8 completed puzzles in order below.

#29a/b: Brice Lice & Infested Ian

#22a/b: Screaming Stuart & Terrified Terence

#5a/b: Steve Rotters & Calvin America

#44a/b: Trashy Trixie & Dustbin Daphne

#24a/b: Tricky Tracy & Hallow Wendy

#14a/b: Laundro Matt & Clean Gene

#33a/b: Ray Spray & Brutal Barry

#23a/b: Super Manny & Airsick Vick

2013 GPK Brand-New Series 3 Puzzles

Remember when Garbage Pail Kids had only 1 or 2 puzzles in each series?  In Brand-New Series 3 (BNS3), there are 10 different puzzles consisting of 9 cards each.  A total of 90 of the 132 cards in this set are dedicated to puzzles.  To be fair, the puzzles in the Original Series used to consist of 21 pieces instead of 9, like GPK started doing sometime after the millenium.  I actually like the 9-piece puzzles better because they fit conveniently into the 9-pocket pages as shown below.  I have displayed the puzzles in order, and provided the names of the cards they represent as identified in this set.

#190a/b: Roy Bot & Mechanic Al

#152a/b: New Year's Eve & Dropped Deb

#161a/b: Lovestruck Chuck & Lovesick Nick

#186a/b: Eerie Eric & Heartthrob Harry

#193a/b: Max Stacks & Heady Hal

#154a/b: Betty Bug & Infested Isabel

#180a/b: Graffiti Petey & Fine Art

#194a/b: Garden Norm & Lawn Sean

#129a/b: Dodge Bill & Jim Class

#174a/b: Cranky Frankie & Terrible Terence

Thursday, March 16, 2017

1989 Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 16 (OS16) #621a/b-#661a/b

Although Topps never released Original Series 16 in 1989, they did go back and reproduce at least 74 of the 82 cards that were going to be released as OS16 before production was stopped.  58 of the 80 cards in the All-New Series 1 set were actually Original Series 16 reproductions.  Those reproduction cards were #1a/b-#30a/b with the exception of #22a/b.  Then in 2010-2011, Topps released 16 more reproduction cards in Flashback Series 1-3.  In 2013, Topps again released those 16 additional reproduction cards in their their Chrome Series 1 set.  Those 16 reproductions were in the Lost Cards subset #L7a/b-#L14a/b.  I have compiled the 74 available Original Series 16 reproduction cards and have organized them into pages in the order that they were intended to by released in 1989 under numbers 621-661.  I left 8 spaces in the appropriate locations for the 8 cards that were never released (to my knowledge).

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 GPK Adam-Geddon Apocalypse #12a/b: Virus Iris & Plagued Paula

Continuing with the theme of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is Virus Iris and Plague Paula representing Pestilence.  The 24-card Apocalypse subset of Adam-Geddon has 10 cards dedicated to the Four Horsemen theme.  This isn't Virus Iris's first appearance as a GPK, however.

Virus Iris and Sicky Vicky were original members GPK in its 1st Series.  Shown below is the 2013 Chrome reprints for OS1 #21a/b.  Don't underestimate this Chrome reprint version of the original Series 1 classic GPK set.  The scans below do not do these cards justice.  The gold background shimmers along with it colorful picture.  Although I originally purchased this set as cheaper alternative to a nearly unaffordable set, I'm thinking about getting the 2nd Series Chrome set to go right along with it.  The GPK Chrome sets just seem to further immortalize these original classics like no other.