Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Themed Series Splatter Border Parallels

     I'm a base set collector.  That doesn't mean that I didn't consider adding these cool parallels to my collection after I found 10-card retail packs of Prime Slime and Apple Pie at the Dollar Store.  I'm a big fan of Apple Pie, but not so much Prime Slime.  Either way, I took home what they had left, including a pack of BNS2 and BNS3 (not shown).

     All of the sets I completed were purchased that way because it is more cost efficient to do so.  I tend to buy a few packs to collect the wrappers for empty spaces in my binder pages, upgrade my set with the extra cards, and then give the rest away.  Unlike the packs I usually find at the Dollar Store, these packs contained one Puke Splatter parallel card each.  One of my packs even contained a Fool's Gold Splatter parallel, which is the rarest of the Splatter parallels with each card serial numbered to 50.

     Border color parallels have been included in GPK sets for quite a while now, but the Splatter parallels didn't start coming out until the 2016 Series 1: American as Apple Pie in your Face.  The previous set, 2015 Series 2: 30th Anniversary, may have kicked off the subset-style numbering, but still include solid color border parallels.  

     For 4 sets now (Apple Pie, Prime Slime, Adam-Geddon, Battle of the Bands), GPK has been using the same Splatter border parallels, which include:

-Puke Splatter (Green Border): 1 per retail/hobby pack
-Bruised Splatter (Black/Blue Border): 1 per collector pack
-Pee Splatter (Yellow Border)
-Spit Splatter (Light Blue Border): serial #'ed to 99
-Bloody Nose Splatter (Red Border): serial #'ed to 75
-Fool's Gold Splatter (Gold Border): serial #'ed to 50

     The Fool's Gold Splatter parallels were originally called Gold Dust Splatter in the Apple Pie set, but have since changed for the Prime Slime, Adam-Geddon, and Battle of the Bands sets.  I was pretty excited to pull one of these and initially tried inserting it in front of the base card in my binder but that's not going to work.  I'm pretty much a set completist, so if I can't have the whole set of Fool's Gold Splatter border parallels, I really don't want it.  

     I did find a good deal on the Adam-Geddon Puke Splatter parallel set and will give it a try to see how it fits in my collection.  I figure that it will either replace my base set, will complement my base set, or will just have to go.  I never had a parallel set, and so don't really know if it's going to fit into collection or not.  I try to keep my collection as complete and tidy as possible though, so I don't really like the idea of keeping two of the same sets.  I guess we'll see.

     With this post, I included all of the Splatter border parallels that I've pulled from recent packs to date: 3 from Prime Slime and 6 from Apple Pie.  The Fool's Gold Splatter border parallel came in addition to the Puke Splatter border parallel.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Start of the GPK Themed Series (TS) sets: 2014-2015

     With the recent announcement of 2018 Series 1: We Hate the '80s, it appears that the Themed Series (TS) sets are here to stay--at least for a while:

*2015 Series 2: 30th Anniversary
*2016 Series 1: American as Apple Pie in your Face
*2016 Series 2: Prime Slime Trashy TV
*2017 Series 1: Adam-Geddon
*2017 Series 2: Battle of the Bands
*2018 Series 1: We Hate the '80s

     However, I would argue that the Themed Series (TS) sets actually started before the 30th Anniversary set came out:

*2014 Series 1: Winter Olym-Picks
*2014 Series 2: Superheroes
*2015 Series 1: Baseball League

     Just about everyone understands the format for the 1985-1988 Original Series (OS), which continued numeration from #1a/b-#620a/b through 15 different series releases.  Most people understand the format of the 2003-2007 All-New Series (ANS), which restarted numeration from #1a/b for each of the 7 series releases.  Still, many people are familiar with the format of the 2012-2013 Brand-New Series (BNS), which seemed to be trying to get back to the roots of GPK with continued numeration throughout each of the 3 series releases.  There were also some intermediate releases like the 2010-2011 Flashback Series (FBS), 2013-2014 Abrams Bonus Series (ABS), and the 2013-2014 Chrome Series (CS).

     It seems to me that GPK was trying to re-invent itself between 2014-2015, but didn't truly understand the direction it was ultimately going in quite yet.  For 3 different series releases, GPK never came out with a series title.  First, they came out with 2014 Series 1, and then continued numeration though 2014 Series 2.  In 2015, they just came out with a completely unnamed set and restarted the numeration from #1a/b.  What the three sets clearly had in common where that they consisted of 132 cards each.

     Something else that the 3 unnamed sets from 2014-2015 had in common were distinct themes for the final 22 cards in each series.  This theme also carried over into some of the insert sets, as well as some of the puzzlebacks.  If you just had a "No $h!t, Sherlock" moment, please forgive me for being away from the hobby for nearly 30 years (1987-2017).  Since coming back to GPK in January of this year, I've been going through a crash course in trying to catch up with the base sets. 

     Up until recently, the 2014 Series 1, 2014 Series 2, and the unnamed 2015 Series were simply referred to as the yearly series.  Looking back from where we are now, it seems clear to me that GPK was transitioning towards the Themed Series (TS) sets of today, but didn't quite know it yet.

     So for now on, I will be referring to these sets as the Winter Olym-Picks, Superheroes, and Baseball League sets unless somebody comes up with a better idea.  I plan to explain each these sets in further detail soon.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Few Pages from my Binders: 30th Anniversary GPK

     The GPK 30th Anniversary set has a few hidden gems worth taking a second look at.  At 220 total cards, this set was the largest GPK set ever at the time of its release in July 2015.  Since then, GPK has released 2 more 220-card sets (Apple Pie & Prime Slime) before the set sizes recently reduced down to 180-cards (Adam-Geddon & Battle of the Bands), which is still larger than the previous record size of 132 cards in 2014-2015.   

     The 30th Anniversary set was the first of now 5 GPK sets to be broken up into various subsets.  The subset-style numbering makes it a little difficult to determine a method for organizing the set, forcing you to come up with your own methods.  I often find myself reorganizing these modern subset-style sets over and over again. 

     Currently, I'm maintaining the integrity of the subsets like a baseball card team set, but I'm organizing my subsets from favorite to least favorite subset.  Within each subset, I'm pulling my organizing the cards either in chronological order, or from favorite to least favorite.  Previously, I was organizing my subsets from largest to smallest subset.  Who knows what I'll come up with next. 

     My 30th Anniversary GPK set starts off with the Adam Bomb checklist cards, and then moves into the GPK Kids subset.  It shows what the offspring of the original GPKs might look like.

     The next subset in my 30th Anniversary collection is called Zoom-out, which takes some OS card favorites and shows what the bigger picture may have looked like.  A highlight box within the cards shows the border of the original card for reference.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The first 18 episodes of the Peanut Collection on 3 DVD box sets

      What's the winter holidays without the Charlie Brown specials?  I'm not exactly sure when the decades DVD collection came out, but the 3 Box sets contain all of the TV espisodes from the 1960's (x6) and 1970's (x12).

BNS2 #65a/b: Charlie Down & Peanut Paul.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Free Grillz for the Houston Astros

Paul Wall is making 40 free Grillz for the World Series Champion Houston Astros team.

ANS7 #51a/b: Billy Bling & Gil Grill cards.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

2003 GPK ANS1: Completing the 88-card variation set

ANS1 was an interesting comeback release for GPK in 2003.  Representing the majority of the unreleased OS16 set from 1989, ANS1,  I've already made 2 previous posts depicting the 2013 Chrome Series 1 Lost Cards (x16), the 2012 Abrams Book Series Lost cards (x4), the 2011 Flashbacks Series 2 Lost Cards (x2), the 2014 Abrams Calendar Series Lost Card (x1) totaling 23 additional lost cards for the OS16/ANS1 master set.

What I haven't depicted yet are the 8 checklist variation cards (depicted here) that turn this 80-card base set into an 88-card variation set. Together with the 23 lost cards I mentioned previously, my ANS1 set is now at 111 total cards.  I would have liked for the 5 Abrams Series cards to include both the "a" and "b" names, but they didn't, so I'll either have to purchase doubles of the same name, or I'll just have to accept that those 5 cards don't have aliases (not sure what I'll do yet).

The only known cards missing from my ANS1 set now are the error cards of #27b Punchy Perry and #39a Colin 911.  These aren't really priority needs for my collection right now because of their outrageous pricing.  I'll add them if I can find a good deal; otherwise; my OS16/ANS1 set is now complete.