Saturday, May 13, 2017

Orpaned GPK of Original Series 1

While building my OS1 glossy and matte back sets, I often encounter lots including some of the following peeled sticker cards.  At first, I was repulsed by these incomplete cards like some type of abomination to the real thing, but I've since warmed up to them a bit.  These cards were definitely well-enjoyed over the years, and still make for a good filler to any starter collection at an inexpensive price.  Take a look.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

1989 GPK Original Series 16 (OS16) Set: #621a/b-661a/b

As a follow-up to my previous post on OS16, I've added the 16 OS16 cards from 2013 Chrome Series 1 to the 58 OS16 cards I have from 2003 All-New Series 1 for a combined total of 74 OS16 cards out of the 82-card set originally set to be released in the Spring of 1989.

I'm still missing 8 cards to complete my OS16 set, which I've shown below courtesy of 

I know about 2 more of these being available from the 2011 Flashback Series 2 set as #70a/b Idol Ira & Ken Tiki, but I'm still waiting to find a good deal on a matching pair to fill-in for #659a/b in my OS16 set. 

For the last 6 cards needed to complete my OS16 set, I've discover that 3 of them are available as bonus cards in the 2012 GPK book.  I guess I could get 2 books to complete the last 6 cards.  I'm not currently aware of any other way to complete the final 6 right now. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

2013 Chrome Series 1: #L5a/b Shadowy Sheila & Vaporized Val, #6a/b Global Warren & Al Pocalypse

Here are a couple of previously unreleased cards from Original Series 5 that were first introduced in during the Flashback Series, and then again in the Lost Cards subset of the Chrome Series.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

1986 GPK Giant Series 1 (GS1): #1 Nasty Nick & #8 Adam Bomb

If you collect GPK, you should consider adding Giant Series 1 (GS1) to your collection.  Originally released in January 1986, GS1 is basically just an extra large version of all the A-names from the Original Series 1 (OS1) set.  Actually, only 39 of the 41 A-name characters were included in GS1.  #9a Boozin' Bruce was replaced with #40a Unstitched Mitch, while #17a Wacky Jackie was replaced with #41a Mean Gene.

These 5"x 7" sticker cards are almost a large as an adult-sized hand, and fit comfortably into 2-pocket pages as shown below.  Packs of GS1 originally contained 3 different sticker cards with the set checklist located on the back of the pack wrapper.    

The major variation that I'm aware of for this set is with it's greatest Hall-of-Fame character, Adam Bomb, which has 2 different back variations.  Adding the Adam Bomb back variation to you set turns it into a 40 card set that will completely fill 20 pages.  If you want to add a wrapper to the front and back of the set, it will fill 21 pages.

This set is a larger-than-life version of one of the most famous GPK sets of all-time.  Almost 4 regular-sized cards could fit inside one of these.  Why wouldn't you want to include this monster into your collection?

Monday, April 10, 2017

GPK OS prepared for Adam-Geddon

The Original Series Garbage Pail Kids are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of Adam-Geddon ('86GS2#7).

They've sent out GPK Army draft notices.

Mean Gene and Joltin' Joe are prepared to lead the struggle. ('86GS1#17 & '13CS#41b)

Recruitment posters have been posted to encourage volunteers ('86OS3#110a/b).

They are prepared to defend their liberty ('86OS3#113a/b)

Warrin' Warren and Brett Vet were the first to sign up ('86OS4#156a/b).

They will fight for their independence ('86OS6#238a/b).

They will defend their flag ('86OS6#241a/b).

They will be equipped with the most advanced weaponry ('87OS9#360a/b, '87OS9#365a/b).

They will deploy the latest technology armored attack vehicles ('87OS10#416a/b).

The president is prepared to give the order.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

2017 Adam-Geddon Bio & Tech #2a/b of 8: Moe Skeeto & Vinnie Virus

Moe Skeeto is back for Adam-Geddon with his new alias, Vinnie Virus, in the 16-card Bio & Tech subset of the 180-card base set.  Using nearly the same image from their original appearance, Moe Skeeto & Vinnie Virus have the side of their face to give a better indication of what's going on into his head.

Moe Skeeto initially appeared along with his alias, Sting Ray, in August 1986 as a character in OS5.  The card back was used as a puzzle preview for Jordan Nuts and Terri Cloth.