Saturday, September 9, 2017

2003 GPK ANS1: Completing the 88-card variation set

ANS1 was an interesting comeback release for GPK in 2003.  Representing the majority of the unreleased OS16 set from 1989, ANS1,  I've already made 2 previous posts depicting the 2013 Chrome Series 1 Lost Cards (x16), the 2012 Abrams Book Series Lost cards (x4), the 2011 Flashbacks Series 2 Lost Cards (x2), the 2014 Abrams Calendar Series Lost Card (x1) totaling 23 additional lost cards for the OS16/ANS1 master set.

What I haven't depicted yet are the 8 checklist variation cards (depicted here) that turn this 80-card base set into an 88-card variation set. Together with the 23 lost cards I mentioned previously, my ANS1 set is now at 111 total cards.  I would have liked for the 5 Abrams Series cards to include both the "a" and "b" names, but they didn't, so I'll either have to purchase doubles of the same name, or I'll just have to accept that those 5 cards don't have aliases (not sure what I'll do yet).

The only known cards missing from my ANS1 set now are the error cards of #27b Punchy Perry and #39a Colin 911.  These aren't really priority needs for my collection right now because of their outrageous pricing.  I'll add them if I can find a good deal; otherwise; my OS16/ANS1 set is now complete.

Most Valuable Cards of the GPK Original Series 2 set

So what are the most valuable cards from GPK OS2?  After purchasing multiple sets, lots, and singles totaling nearly 700 cards from the OS2 set over the past year or so, I've definitely had the opportunity to develop an opinion.  Of course, it is generally well-known that matte backs are more valuable than glossy backs for the OS2 set (opposite of OS1), but what about the values within each type of glossy/matte back set?  Since the purchase of a complete set will typically only give you one of each variation type, I found that all of the variation cards come in some type of higher demand than the non-variation cards (not a genius concept).

King among those premium-valued variation cards seem to be the #49b Schizo Fran and Fran Fran name variations.  I think that most people will go after these variations first after completing their 84-card set, since these are the most noticeable variation types.  I've found that obtaining either variation of this card is tough to find individually, therefore, driving up the price.  These are probably the most valuable cards in the OS2 set based on both supply and demand.  The #49a Double Heather card might also notice a slight increase in value due to the popularity of the #49b variation price hike.

The next tier of premium-valued cards from the OS2 set are probably the checklist variation cards of #46a/b and #47a/b.  These cards are at least equally difficult to find as the #49b Schizo Fran/Fran Fran variations, but are probably in lower demand due to being slightly less noticeable.  I finally broke down and had to get both back variations for each of my Messy Tessie and Live Mike puzzleback sets.  Collecting these back variations adds 4 additional cards (#46a, 46b, 47a, 47b) to each of your basic 84-cards OS2 sets (except the matte backs, which only come in the Schizo Fran variation).  Good luck trying to find these back variations as most sellers don't even distinguish between these 8 already premium-priced checklist cards.    

The 3rd tier of premium-valued cards from the OS2 set are probably the #53a Jolted Joel and #54b Live Mike cards, most likely due to demand.  The most abundant puzzleback variation of the OS2 set features this legendary character.  For some reason, this premium pricing doesn't seem to extend to the #45a Messy Tessie and #45b Leaky Lindsay cards, which seem to sell at the same price as other commons even though she was the first character featured as puzzle in the GPK collection

The final tier of premium-valued cards in my opinion are #42a Patty Putty and #42b Muggin' Megan cards.  Not only do they represent the first cards for the OS2, but they feature back variations that exist in both the glossy back and matte back versions of this set.  These back variations for #42 are more noticeable than the checklist variation cards, but both backs are duplicates of other standard cards from the set.  The Spaz Award is featured on the back of all #74 Mark Bark/Kennel Kenny cards, and the Sneak Award is featured on the back of all #83 Ugh Lee/Sumo Sid cards.  Still, knowing that these back variations exist is enough to create a higher demand for the first card of the OS2 set; therefore; increasing the value of #42a/b slightly over the common cards.

Do you agree? See things differently?  Did I miss anything? What is your experience, or opinion?  

Sunday, June 25, 2017

1985 Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 2 (OS2) set: #42a/b-#83a/b

Here's a basic 84-card complete glossy set of the Live Mike puzzle variation for Original Series 2 (OS2).  It does not include the award back variations for #42a and #42b, the checklist back variations for #46a, #46b, #47a, and #47b. nor does it contain the name change variation for #49b, which would make this a 91-card set.  My actual personal collection for OS2 consists of 3 different sets: an 86-card Messy Tessie matte back variation, a 91-card Messy Tessie glossy back variation, and a 91-card Live Mike glossy back variation.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

1986 Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 5 (OS5) set: #167a/b-#206a/b

Here's a basic 80-card complete set of Original Series 5.  It does not include the back variations for #168a, 168b, 169a, 169b, 175a, 175b, 178a, and 178b, which would make this a 88-card set.  My actual personal collection includes the back variations, which are needed to complete the two puzzles in this set.  Major errors from this set also include: #174b Repaired Rex (green 10), #188a Mel Meal (blue cross), #188b Ross Roast, and #205b Bud Buddy (black dot).

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

1986 Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 4 (OS4) set: #125a/b-#166a/b

   Here's a basic 84-card complete set of Original Series 4.  It does not include the back variations for #125a, 138a, 138, and the name variations for 125b, 149a, 158b, 164b, which would make this a 91-card set.  My actual personal collection includes the name and back variations in addition to the #153b Duncan Pumpkin pink swirl error.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

1986 Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 3 (OS3) set: #84a/b-#124a/b

     Here's a basic 82-card complete set of Original Series 3.  It does not include the back variations for #82a, 82b, 110a, 110b, 113a, and 113b, which would make this an 88-card set.  It also doesn't include the 40 different copyright/no copyright variants that would make this set an 128 card set.  My actual personal collection includes to separate 88-card sets for the no copyright version and the copyright version.  I typically value the non-copyright variations 50% more than the copyright variations, and the 6 back variations even more.