Monday, April 24, 2017

2013 Chrome Series 1: #L5a/b Shadowy Sheila & Vaporized Val, #6a/b Global Warren & Al Pocalypse

Here are a couple of previously unreleased cards from Original Series 5 that were first introduced in during the Flashback Series, and then again in the Lost Cards subset of the Chrome Series.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

1986 GPK Giant Series 1 (GS1): #1 Nasty Nick & #8 Adam Bomb

If you collect GPK, you should consider adding Giant Series 1 (GS1) to your collection.  Originally released in January 1986, GS1 is basically just an extra large version of all the A-names from the Original Series 1 (OS1) set.  Actually, only 39 of the 41 A-name characters were included in GS1.  #9a Boozin' Bruce was replaced with #40a Unstitched Mitch, while #17a Wacky Jackie was replaced with #41a Mean Gene.

These 5"x 7" sticker cards are almost a large as an adult-sized hand, and fit comfortably into 2-pocket pages as shown below.  Packs of GS1 originally contained 3 different sticker cards with the set checklist located on the back of the pack wrapper.    

The major variation that I'm aware of for this set is with it's greatest Hall-of-Fame character, Adam Bomb, which has 2 different back variations.  Adding the Adam Bomb back variation to you set turns it into a 40 card set that will completely fill 20 pages.  If you want to add a wrapper to the front and back of the set, it will fill 21 pages.

This set is a larger-than-life version of one of the most famous GPK sets of all-time.  Almost 4 regular-sized cards could fit inside one of these.  Why wouldn't you want to include this monster into your collection?

Monday, April 10, 2017

GPK OS prepared for Adam-Geddon

The Original Series Garbage Pail Kids are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of Adam-Geddon ('86GS2#7).

They've sent out GPK Army draft notices.

Mean Gene and Joltin' Joe are prepared to lead the struggle. ('86GS1#17 & '13CS#41b)

Recruitment posters have been posted to encourage volunteers ('86OS3#110a/b).

They are prepared to defend their liberty ('86OS3#113a/b)

Warrin' Warren and Brett Vet were the first to sign up ('86OS4#156a/b).

They will fight for their independence ('86OS6#238a/b).

They will defend their flag ('86OS6#241a/b).

They will be equipped with the most advanced weaponry ('87OS9#360a/b, '87OS9#365a/b).

They will deploy the latest technology armored attack vehicles ('87OS10#416a/b).

The president is prepared to give the order.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

2017 Adam-Geddon Bio & Tech #2a/b of 8: Moe Skeeto & Vinnie Virus

Moe Skeeto is back for Adam-Geddon with his new alias, Vinnie Virus, in the 16-card Bio & Tech subset of the 180-card base set.  Using nearly the same image from their original appearance, Moe Skeeto & Vinnie Virus have the side of their face to give a better indication of what's going on into his head.

Moe Skeeto initially appeared along with his alias, Sting Ray, in August 1986 as a character in OS5.  The card back was used as a puzzle preview for Jordan Nuts and Terri Cloth.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Collecting Pack Wrappers

I've been collecting pack wrappers for quite a while as though it were another card added to the set.  With baseball cards I typically put the wrappers at the back of the set, but with GPK I tend to put one at the front and back of the set.  Since the majority of the OS sets typically result in 88 total cards with variations, a putting a wrapper in the front and back to completely fill 10 pages seems fitting.  Adding some of the error cards to your sets with throw that off a bit, so I'll typically put enough wrappers in the back to fill the page if I have them.

People often include a pack wrapper when they're selling sets, but it seems to me that they don't really know what to do with them.  What I mean is, I'll often get the pack wrapper either lazily folded to an arbitrary size and either placed on top of the set pile, or put in a separate oversized protector.  I'm not suggesting that there is a right or wrong way to do it, but it just seems that people aren't sure what to do with the pack wrappers even if they are sure that they want one to include with their sets.  

I've developed a method for collecting and storing pack wrappers that I'd like to share in case you're interested and just haven't thought of it--not that it's some kind of genius idea or anything.  I just take an extra card and insert it into the pack to use as a mold for folding the edges around.  Then you have a perfectly-sized card that can fit into binder pages or penny sleeves.  

Card packs often include a bunch of "throw-away" cards like promo or game cards that serve perfectly in this role.  When making the folds, I fold the top edges first, and then the side edges with the bar code exposed.  In terms of centering, I try to leave an equal amount of space from the edge of the lettering, which sometimes requires multiple attempts.   

I got thrown off a bit when I started collecting foil packs, but I eventually came up with a similar concept.  In this case, I pick one side to fold that would result in the best centering, and then fold the top and bottom.  You have to put the pack into something quick because the folds don't hold well at first.  Folding two sides would be difficult, so you just "gotta" kind of choose a side.   

This 30th Anniversary pack example I chose probably wasn't the best because the picture is too large to be contained within a single card size.  Most foil packs don't have this problem, but in this case, I was left the decision to cut off either the brand logo at the top or the banner at the bottom.

Like I said, this is just one way to do it.  The idea for a post came to mind when I received 2 complete 88-card variation sets of OS3 in the mail yesterday.  They arrived in some fancy 100-ct. plastic set cases that I had never seen before (remember the hinged plastic snap cases?).  The pack wrappers were kind of folded enough to smash into the case.  So I thought, it's probably not that people don't care; they probably just don't know.   

Sunday, April 2, 2017

2013 Chrome Series 1: #L4a/b Arach Ned & Web Jeb

This pair of garbage pail spiders should have been included with Original Series 4 in 1986, but for some reason, didn't make it into that set.  Here is their Chrome Lost Cards release.

Friday, March 31, 2017

2013 Chrome Series 1: #L2a/b Baby Abie & Missing Linc, #L3a/b Prickly Pete & Thorny Barb

Original Series 3 (OS3) had two pair of additional cards that were pulled from the set prior to production.  Baby Abie and Missing Linc were originally intended for OS3, and was even modified slightly (as shown below) to be included in OS5, but was never released until the Flashback and Chrome Series.  Prickly Pete and Thorny Barb were also intended to be included in OS3, but never made it into that set.

Monday, March 27, 2017

2013 Chrome Series 1: #L1a/b Pickled Pete & Formaldehyde Fred

Thought your 1985 Original Series 2 set was complete?  Well, maybe it is, or maybe it isn't.  Between 2010-2011, GPK came out with three 160-card Flashback Series sets featuring a few formerly unreleased cards intended for OS2-OS16.  Those 28 cards were re-released together as a single subset to the '2013 GPK Chrome: 1985 Original Series 1' set called the Lost Cards.  The first pair of Lost Card from the 2013 CS1 represent cards that were original intended to be part of OS2 back in October 1985: #L1a Pickled Pete and #L1b Formaldehyde Fred.

2015 Series 1: Brown Border Puzzle

Looking through the 9 different puzzles from the 2015 Series 1 set, I came across one that didn't seem to have it's own card in the base set.  The other 8 puzzles represent a pair from the 132-card set, but I couldn't find a card to represent the brown border puzzle.  It's the classic mystery of "Who's on First?".

Here are the 9 puzzles of the 2015 Series 1 set as advertised on the back of cards #37b-45b.

Update:  I found the card.  It's Fat Matt from the All-Star insert set #8 of 10.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 Adam-Geddon Alien Invasion #4a/b: Squashed Josh & Squoze Rose

Within the first subset of Adam-Geddon, a couple of Original Series characters make their comeback.  Squashed Josh and Squoze Rose, using their OS8 aliases are captured during the Alien Invasion....

Squashed Josh & Squoze Rose first appeared as #321A/B in Original Series 8 (OS8), released in April 1987.  OS8 was the only Original Series release to use capital letters in the card numbers.  

Tee-Vee Stevie (Geeky Gary) first appeared as #10a in OS1, and Fowl Raoul (Mack Quack), first appeared as 106a in OS3.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

2017 Adam-Geddon Apocalypse #10a/b: Dry Guy & Famish Mitch

Here's the last of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Adam-Geddon set.  Representing Famine is Dry Guy & Famish Mitch.  It's a throwback to the Original Series 4 characters Baked Jake & Dry Guy.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 Adam-Geddon Apocalypse #11a/b: Mad Mike & War and Warren

Representing one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is Mad Mike and War and Warren in this 24-card subset of 2017 GPK Series 1 (Adam-Geddon).

You might remember this guy from 1985 GPK Original Series 1 as Mad Mike & Savage Stuart.  Since I don't yet have the actual '85 cards, here's a couple of nice 2013 Chrome reprints.