Tuesday, March 7, 2017

1985 Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 2: #42a/b-83a/b

With interest in my first card-collecting passion having been rekindled by some unknown reason, I thought that I'd begin this blog by discussing some of the variations in the Original Series 2 (OS2) set.  Technically, there are 84 cards in the complete 2nd series set--that is, 42 "a" cards, and 42 "b" cards.  Serious collectors will typically go after some version of a master set, which is typically considered to consist of 131 cards for OS2 (although you could really get picky, and make it many more with glossy/matte, 1 or 2 astericks, etc).
To me, a 131-card set does not provide the greatest value for future resale, since you're talking about one-complete set and an extra half-complete set   With a 131-card master set, you'd only be 37 cards short on another complete OS2 set.  So why not just get two full-complete 84-card sets?  That's exactly what I did--all glossy backs, and without consideration for astericks.  Here's how I did it.    

Original Series 2 (Version 1)

40 cards featuring the Leaky Lindsay/Messy Tessie puzzle back variation.

#49b is Schizo Fran

#46a, #46b, #47a, #47b have the name Schizo Fran identified as card #49b on the checklist

#42a, #42b have the Spaz Award on the back.

Original Series 2 (Version 2)

40 cards with the Live Mike/Jolted Joel puzzle back variation.

#49b is Fran Fran

#46a, #46b, #47a, #47b have the name Fran Fran identified as card #49b on the back

#42a, #42b have the Sneak Award on the back

Update:  So I finally gave in and compromised just a little.  I'm currently still collecting the complete sets, but with 87-cards each (added 3 cards to each set).

*1st set has Leaky Lindsay puzzle, Schizo Fran Checklists, Spaz/Sneak Awards, and both versions of #49b (Schizo Fran and Fran Fran).
*2nd set has Live Mike puzzle, Fran Fran Checklists, Spaz/Sneak Awards, and both versions of #49b (Schizo Fran and Fran Fran).

Many people try to make this an 86-card set with both back variations for #42 Patty Putty/Muggin' Megan, but without regard to the Schizo Fran/Fran Fran name variation (an 85-card set).  I think that at a minimum, it's more important to include the name variation for #49b (Schizo Fran/Fran Fran), than to include the back variations for #42a/b (Spaz/Sneak Award).  Including the variations for both #42a/b and for #49b will make an 87-card set.  That's what I've done for now--two 87-card sets for 174 total cards.

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