Tuesday, March 7, 2017

1985 Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 2: #42a/b-83a/b

With my renewed interest in collecting GPK again after nearly a 30-year hiatus, I thought that I'd begin this blog by discussing some of the difficulties I've encountered in trying to complete the Original Series 2 (OS2) set due to the numerous variations.  Technically, there are supposed to be 84 cards set from #42a & #42b to #83a & #83b.  If you count the number of different card backs, there are 47 additional cards for a total of 131 cards in this set.  The set was also produced with matte backs for the Messy Tessie variation, so there are at least an additional 84 cards to collect there too.  There are also * and ** variations, but I'm not even going to go there right now.

To me, a 131-card set does not provide the greatest value for future resale since you're talking about one-complete set and an extra half-complete set.   With a 131-card master set, you'd only be 37 cards short on another complete OS2 set.  So why not just get two full-complete 84-card sets?  That's exactly what I've done.  The 1st version I put together is the 84 card matte back variation set containing only Messy Tessie puzzlebacks and the Schizo Fran variation.  I'm not sure if the Patty Putty/ Muggin' Megan back variations exist in matte, so there could potentially be 86 cards in the matte back set.  Here's how I put together versions 2 and 3 of this set.        

Original Series 2 (Versions 2&3): 91 cards each

All 40 puzzleback variations featuring either Leaky Lindsay/Messy Tessie or Live Mike/Jolted Joel.

Both name variations for #49b (Schizo Fran and Fran Fran)

Both Checklist Variations for #46a, #46b, #47a, #47b indicating either Schizo Fran or Fran Fran for #49b.

Both award variations for #42a and #42b with either the Spaz Award or the Sneak Award on the back.

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