Friday, March 10, 2017

1986 GPK OS5: Purple Border Puzzle E (Dee Faced / Terri Cloth)

The 5th Series has two puzzles that can be formed using the backs of 21 cards.  There are 2 card backs that feature a puzzle preview for each of the puzzles.  The caveat is that the two puzzles cannot be completed from an 80-card set.  There are 8 cards with 2 back variations required to complete both puzzles in this set.  4 of the cards are used in Puzzle D and the other 4 are used in Puzzle E.  The 4 variations used in this puzzle are #168b, 169b, 175b, 178b.  If you want to be able to complete both puzzles, then you're going to want the 88-card master set for the 5th Series of GPK.    

Jordan Nuts, Terri Cloth, and Johnny One-Note have doubles in this puzzle and are located at the top-right and top-center.  Blue-Boy George's back variation is actually a character profile for Acne Amy, so you could actually complete both puzzles with an 86-card set, but you'd have to have the right versions of #178a/b.

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