Thursday, March 16, 2017

1989 GPK Original Series 16 (OS16): #621a/b-#661a/b

Although Topps never released Original Series 16 in 1989, they did go back and reproduce at least 74 of the 82 cards that were going to be released as OS16 before production was stopped.  58 of the 80 cards in the All-New Series 1 set were actually Original Series 16 reproductions.  Those reproduction cards were #1a/b-#30a/b with the exception of #22a/b.  Then in 2010-2011, Topps released 16 more reproduction cards in Flashback Series 1-3.  In 2013, Topps again released those 16 additional reproduction cards in their their Chrome Series 1 set.  Those 16 reproductions were in the Lost Cards subset #L7a/b-#L14a/b.  I have compiled the 74 available Original Series 16 reproduction cards and have organized them into pages in the order that they were intended to by released in 1989 under numbers 621-661.  I left 8 spaces in the appropriate locations for the 8 cards that were never released (to my knowledge).

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