Friday, March 17, 2017

2012 Brand-New Series 1: Puzzles

Brand-New Series 1 (BNS1) had 8 puzzles consisting of 72 total cards from the 110-card set.  I have shown the 8 completed puzzles in order below.

#29a/b: Brice Lice & Infested Ian

#22a/b: Screaming Stuart & Terrified Terence

#5a/b: Steve Rotters & Calvin America

#44a/b: Trashy Trixie & Dustbin Daphne

#24a/b: Tricky Tracy & Hallow Wendy

#14a/b: Laundro Matt & Clean Gene

#33a/b: Ray Spray & Brutal Barry

#23a/b: Super Manny & Airsick Vick

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