Monday, March 27, 2017

2013 Chrome Series 1: #L1a/b Pickled Pete & Formaldehyde Fred

Thought your 1985 Original Series 2 set was complete?  Well, maybe it is, or maybe it isn't.  Between 2010-2011, GPK came out with three 160-card Flashback Series sets featuring a few formerly unreleased cards intended for OS2-OS16.  Those 28 cards were re-released together as a single subset to the '2013 GPK Chrome: 1985 Original Series 1' set called the Lost Cards.  The first pair of Lost Card from the 2013 CS1 represent cards that were original intended to be part of OS2 back in October 1985: #L1a Pickled Pete and #L1b Formaldehyde Fred.

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