Friday, March 17, 2017

2013 Brand-New Series 3: Puzzles

Remember when Garbage Pail Kids had only 1 or 2 puzzles in each series?  In Brand-New Series 3 (BNS3), there are 10 different puzzles consisting of 9 cards each.  A total of 90 of the 132 cards in this set are dedicated to puzzles.  To be fair, the puzzles in the Original Series used to consist of 21 pieces instead of 9, like GPK started doing sometime after the millenium.  I actually like the 9-piece puzzles better because they fit conveniently into the 9-pocket pages as shown below.  I have displayed the puzzles in order, and provided the names of the cards they represent as identified in this set.

#190a/b: Roy Bot & Mechanic Al

#152a/b: New Year's Eve & Dropped Deb

#161a/b: Lovestruck Chuck & Lovesick Nick

#186a/b: Eerie Eric & Heartthrob Harry

#193a/b: Max Stacks & Heady Hal

#154a/b: Betty Bug & Infested Isabel

#180a/b: Graffiti Petey & Fine Art

#194a/b: Garden Norm & Lawn Sean

#129a/b: Dodge Bill & Jim Class

#174a/b: Cranky Frankie & Terrible Terence

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