Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 Adam-Geddon Nuclear #17a/b: Adam Bomb/Adam Geddon

What's a GPK set without Adam Bomb?  The Adam-Geddon (released in January 2017) set is a major step up from the Prime Slime Trashy TV (released October 2016) in my opinion.  Prime Slime may have held more value with fans of television, but Adam-Geddon re-introduces more GPK-style characters instead of mostly known TV characters.

Adam-Geddon is also the first of the four Themed Series sets to contain less than 220 cards.  At 180 total cards, I think that GPK has taken a step in the right direction.  Too many characters seems to dilute creativity, and forced hurried ideas.  The Original Series (1985-1988) and the All-New Series (2003-2007) typically only introduced 80-something cards with each release.    

With 2017 Series 1, Adam Bomb and Adam Geddon can be found as cards #17a and #17b in the Nuclear Stickers subset which contains 18 different pairs of characters.

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