Monday, April 10, 2017

GPK OS prepared for Adam-Geddon

The Original Series Garbage Pail Kids are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of Adam-Geddon ('86GS2#7).

They've sent out GPK Army draft notices.

Mean Gene and Joltin' Joe are prepared to lead the struggle. ('86GS1#17 & '13CS#41b)

Recruitment posters have been posted to encourage volunteers ('86OS3#110a/b).

They are prepared to defend their liberty ('86OS3#113a/b)

Warrin' Warren and Brett Vet were the first to sign up ('86OS4#156a/b).

They will fight for their independence ('86OS6#238a/b).

They will defend their flag ('86OS6#241a/b).

They will be equipped with the most advanced weaponry ('87OS9#360a/b, '87OS9#365a/b).

They will deploy the latest technology armored attack vehicles ('87OS10#416a/b).

The president is prepared to give the order.

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