Saturday, September 9, 2017

2003 GPK ANS1: Completing the 88-card variation set

ANS1 was an interesting comeback release for GPK in 2003.  Representing the majority of the unreleased OS16 set from 1989, ANS1,  I've already made 2 previous posts depicting the 2013 Chrome Series 1 Lost Cards (x16), the 2012 Abrams Book Series Lost cards (x4), the 2011 Flashbacks Series 2 Lost Cards (x2), the 2014 Abrams Calendar Series Lost Card (x1) totaling 23 additional lost cards for the OS16/ANS1 master set.

What I haven't depicted yet are the 8 checklist variation cards (depicted here) that turn this 80-card base set into an 88-card variation set. Together with the 23 lost cards I mentioned previously, my ANS1 set is now at 111 total cards.  I would have liked for the 5 Abrams Series cards to include both the "a" and "b" names, but they didn't, so I'll either have to purchase doubles of the same name, or I'll just have to accept that those 5 cards don't have aliases (not sure what I'll do yet).

The only known cards missing from my ANS1 set now are the error cards of #27b Punchy Perry and #39a Colin 911.  These aren't really priority needs for my collection right now because of their outrageous pricing.  I'll add them if I can find a good deal; otherwise; my OS16/ANS1 set is now complete.

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