~ Background ~

I originally collected Garbage Pail Kids as an 8-10 year old from the Summer of 1986 through the Fall of 1987, when I finally discovered baseball cards.  My collection at the time probably consisted mostly of sticker cards from Original Series 3-10, but I had become familiar with the characters from Original Series 1-2 through the other kids I traded with.  OS1 and OS2 were already considered valuable when I was collecting GPK not far removed from their original release.  After discovering baseball cards in the Fall of 1987, I didn't pay much attention to GPK releases from Original Series 11 onward.  I do remember thinking it was cool that GPK was trying to make a comeback during the All-New Series years (2003-2007), but I was just getting back into baseball cards (2001-present) after getting out of the military, and I still thought that they were just for kids.  I don't know what finally clicked, but in February 2017, I just started buying Garbage Pail Kids again, so here I am.  

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