~ Want List ~


*2017 Battle of the Bands (Series 2): set of 180


*2003 All-New Series 1: #2a On Fire Mariah (Gold), #5b Ridiculous Nicholas (Big), #11a Jarred Jared (Small), #14a Little Barfin' Anna (Small), #22b BMX Ben (Big), #39b Andrew Spew (Gold).


*1986 Original Series 9: Semi Colin ERR (no number).

*1986 Original Series 6: #226a Pierced Pearl ERR (green slime).

*1986 Original Series 5: #174b Repaired Rex ERR (green 10), #188a Mel Meal ERR (blue cross), #188b Ross Roast ERR (blue cross), #205b Bud Buggy ERR (black dot).

*1986 Original Series 4: #153b Duncan Pumpkin.

*1986 Original Series 2-2 Glossy Tessie: #66b Rachel Rodent, 67b Mona Loser.

*1986 Original Series 2-1 Matte Tessie (-44 cards): #42a, 43a, 43b, 44b, 45a, 45b, 46b, 47b Disgustin' Justin, 49a, 49b, 50a, 51a, 51b, 52a, 52b, 53b, 54a, 57a, 58a, 58b, 59a, 60b, 62a, 63a, 63b, 64a, 67a, 69a, 70a, 73b, 74b, 75a, 76a, 76b, 77a, 77b, 78a, 79b, 80a, 80b, 81b, 82a, 83b.

*1985 Original Series 1-2 Matte (-20 cards):

*1985 Original Series 1-1 Glossy (-1 cards): #28b Meltin' Melissa.


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